And That's A Wrap!

Farewell, 2018!

Winter is a special and cherished time here on the farm. Although the pace slows down as the days get dark, there’s no shortage of projects and planning for the year ahead. These cozy days of introspection and reflection are what fuel the season ahead.

This past year was a doozy, with big successes, set-backs, and plenty of sleepless nights. Like any “first,” I’m glad to have this initial farming season under my belt and behind me and ready to move on to 2019!

I wanted to take a minute before a new season sweeps us away to share some highlights of our first year. It’s humbling to look back on all we’ve accomplished - which was only possible because of our incredible farm community, rock star staff, supportive family, and cheering friends. Thanks for coming along on the ride!

For starters, our field went from a grove of decomposing poplar trees, to these piles of logs:


To This:


All in just a few short months!

We launched our CSA and our crew grew and delivered fresh produce to 68 members for 6 months of the year!


I also took the leap and added cut flowers to our line-up of crops. The learning curve was steep, but the reward of a field filled with color, beauty, and beneficial insects was well worth the challenge.


In addition to getting married myself (!!! more on that to come, I’m sure), I had the incredible privilege of providing flowers for SIX weddings this summer, with most of our couples ordering buckets of blooms and creating beautiful arrangements with the help of family and friends.

Allie & Joe: Chris Ward Photography

Allie & Joe: Chris Ward Photography

Brooke & Casey: Meredith McKee Photography

Brooke & Casey: Meredith McKee Photography

Brittany & Johnny: Sean Gilliland Photography

Brittany & Johnny: Sean Gilliland Photography

And who could forget the addition of our sweet girl, Stevie, who has quickly grown from a fluff ball to a confident and independent pup!


These days, you can find me sitting at the computer plugging away at planning or getting our hundreds of dahlia clumps divided into thousands of individual tubers. All the work will be well worth it at the peak of the season when the fields are in full bloom.


This winter we’re setting the foundation for a busy and productive season ahead! From making new connections in our community, to buying seeds, building greenhouses, and planning to expand our fields, there are hours of exciting work to be done!

I can’t wait to continue to share more of the ways we plan to grow and deepen our connection with our community, and keep you updated on the behind the scenes happenings of our farm

I hope you’ll continue to check-in throughout the season!

Cheers to the year ahead!