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Our 2019 Program

Bring the unique beauty of our Pacific Northwest summer into your home with a weekly share of fresh, sustainably grown blooms straight from our farm!

 Our main season flower CSA, which runs from late June through August, is sold out but we also offer a special 4-week Dahlia share starting August 27th!

Our flower CSA share can be purchased as an addition to your vegetable CSA membership, or as a stand-alone item


The Details

Dates & Pricing:

2019 FLOWER SHARE-Sold Out
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Main Season: June 25th - August 20th

A “market bouquet” style assortment of the best seasonal blooms that we grow, arranged with care


Dahlia Share: September 3rd - September 24th

A selection of our almost 100 varieties of show-stopping Dahlias


Bouquet Contents

In our main season share you’ll receive a mixed bouquet of seasonal blooms from our farm, carefully arranged to feature what’s freshest in the field each week. From zinnias to sunflowers, and snapdragons to dahlias, you’ll enjoy an assortment of the best that we grow!

Dahlia shares will include an average of 12 stems per bouquet (less when those giant dinnerplate blooms are included) and will feature our most eye-catching Dahlia varieties.

Flower CSA’s make great gifts for friends or loved ones!  Just be sure to include their name and email address when purchasing so we can communicate directly with them!

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  • On our farm in Snohomish

  • In Mill Creek

  • In Ballard, Seattle

  • At Fremont Brewing (Employees only)

  • In Duvall (Swift & Savory on Main St)

  • In the Central District, Seattle

  • In Redmond (Education Hill)

All pick-ups will be on Tuesday afternoons, and we will provide you with exact details before the first Flower CSA distribution.

Pick-Up Site Instructions:

Site-specific instruction will be sent out to members 2 weeks before the start of the CSA.  Members are expected to pick-up their flowers in the designated time frame, sign off on a clipboard, and respect the space of our generous site hosts.  

Flower Care

We expect bouquets to stay at peak freshness for 4-7 days (or more for some blooms!) on display on in your home.  Flowers are a perishable product, and vase life can be vary greatly depending on variety and care. We will provide you with specific instructions on how to maximize the lifespan of your blooms. We cannot guarantee how long they will last if these instructions are not followed.

Sharing in the risks and rewards

We commit to do our very best to provide you with a bountiful, high-quality, and changing flower share each week. However, our harvest can be at the whim of nature. Weather, insects, or other unforeseen production factors may impact exactly which flowers we are able to deliver during the season.  On the other hand, our flower CSA program has top priority; if we experience a bumper crop or over plant, the extra bounty gets passed on to you!

By becoming a member of our CSA you are agreeing to share in these risks and rewards of farming.


Your Flower CSA Membership will not be finalized until we receive payment in full for your chosen share option.  

Missed Weeks

If members know they are unable to pick up a flower share they have two options:

a) Have a friend pick it up for you or pass your share on to someone else, just be sure to let them know how and when. (CSA flowers make a great gift or treat for a friend)  

b) Skip a week, notify us 24-hours before delivery day so your flowers can get to someone who needs it.

Unclaimed bouquets will be removed and donated by the site host at the end of the pick-up window.


With Us:

The best way to communicate with us is via email. Our email address is <>.

In addition to getting in touch for any changes to your pick-up schedule or location, please let us know if have any questions or concerns about your membership.

From Us:

Please read our email communications as they contain important reminders and instructions.

When you sign up for a CSA membership we will add you to our mailing list.

You will receive

  • An introduction to the farm & farmers in the spring

  • An orientation email, containing directions for your pick-up location and a reminder of our policies, 2 weeks before the first distribution date.

  • Our CSA Newsletter periodically leading up to, and each week of the CSA program

  • Farm updates throughout the year

    Visit our Veggie CSA Page to learn more about our growing practices and why Community Supported Agriculture programs are important! (insert link)

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