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We started our Bulk Blooms in response to a desire from many of our friends (and ourselves!) to have affordable, local, and beautiful flowers at our weddings. We figured there must be more people like us out there, and we wanted to help make their days memorable and beautiful. Its a huge honor to be a part of your wedding or event, and we love to go above and beyond to ensure that flowers are a highlight of your day!

Creating your own flower arrangements can bring meaning and beauty to your special event. Sourcing those flowers from a local grower not only means your blooms will travel a shorter distance (nationwide, over 80% of flowers sold through florist shops, grocery stores, and distributors are grown in distant countries)and will be free from chemicals, but will also be the freshest available! Our blooms are picked to order and go straight from the field to cooler - never leaving water - and are handed directly to you. Because our flowers stay within our community, we are able to grow hard-to-ship, unique, and designer varieties that you often won’t find at your area grocery store or florist - alongside our favorite standards, ensuring that your arrangements will be truly unique!

We offer bulk buckets of fresh seasonal flowers for your arrangements from June through early October. Dates book up quickly so we recommend ordering at least 3-4 months in advance of your event (or sooner if you have custom requests). Read our TIPS section to decide if DIY flowers are right for you!

We work hard to accommodate specific color or design choices but we rely on harvesting the freshest and most beautiful blooms from our fields at the time of your event -  we do not guarantee specific flowers or greenery in our buckets



Flower Buckets: Each bucket includes a mix of focal, filler, foliage, and accent blooms, and contains an average of 60-80 stems per bucket. Depending on how full you make each arrangement, the flowers from one bucket will fill about 5 quart-sized mason jars. *Keep in mind, bouquets for the wedding couple often contain 30-50 stems and have a higher proportion of focal flowers to fillers.

Grower's Choice Bucket: $75 - A beautiful selection of flowers chosen by our growers!

Custom Bucket: $90 - Choose your preferences from our selection of palettes and moods. Let us know what colors to avoid and which to include and we will match your requests as best we can with what we grow at Lowlands Farm! Custom orders receive a 30 minute phone consultation to make sure we understand your inspiration!

Additional Focal Stems: Price varies, average $1-$3 a stem

Hardy Flower Bucket: $90 - A selection of longer-lasting flowers for cakes, boutonnieres, or hair pieces and crowns. Please note that each bucket contains only flowers and greenery, we do not provide florist supplies.

Additional Greenery Bucket: $75 or $90- An additional selection of greenery to match your Grower’s Choice or Custom buckets.

Arrangements: We offer bouquets and boutonnières for the wedding couple and wedding party, as an accompaniment to your bulk blooms. We take on a limited number of arranged weddings, contact us to inquire about pricing and availability for your wedding day.


Pick-ups are available on our farm every day of the week from 7am-7pm. To ensure freshness, we recommend that you do not pick up your flowers more than three days ahead of your event. For those ordering boutonnières or bouquets, we strongly recommend pick up the day before or morning of the event to ensure freshness. Exact pick-up date and time must be arranged at least two weeks in advance.

We offer a delivery service, which is available on Thursdays and Fridays each week. We charge an average of $100 for delivery locations within the greater Seattle area and $40 for most locations within the Snohomish area. Please contact us for an estimate for your location.

for more information, and to book your event, email:  

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For your DIY arranging success


The Basics

  • Keep it simple: Even the most casual professional arrangements require a lot of practice and skill to create. But arrangements made by loving hands can be just as eye-catching and even more special!

  • Do your research: Use DIY resources like Pinterest and YouTube to research the basics on DIY design. This will help you place your order, plan what materials you need, and give you some confidence for the big day. Consider picking up stems from your local floral department or ordering a “Practice Bucket” from the farm to get some experience.

  • Materials: Depending on what you are envisioning, you will need scissors or snips, floral tape, wire, pins, and vases. Most materials can be easily obtained from craft and garden stores!

  • Timing is everything: Make sure that you have adequate space, time, and help. Bringing your family and friends together to make arrangements is a great way to get people involved in your event! Even with many hands, be sure you allocate several hours to bouquet making and clean up.

  • Keep it clean: use only sterilized vases and scissors and clean fresh water.

for Long Lasting Flowers

  • Picking up: The backseat of a car can only hold 3 5-gallon buckets, so we recommend a hatchback or SUV where buckets can be placed on a flat surface (8-10 buckets will just fit in an empty hatchback/SUV). Your transport vehicle must have AC if picking up on a warm sunny day!

  • Storage: Store your flowers in a cooler without produce, or keep in a cool, dark, air-conditioned room until your event. Change the water in your storage buckets and vases every 1-2 days

  • Use sharp scissors and trip the ends of all of your blooms before arranging.

  • At Your Event: Flowers will look their best and last longest if they are kept in the shade and given adequate water. Bouquets should spend as much time in water as possible ahead of your event. For the longest life on bouquets for the wedding couple and wedding party, make sure the flowers go back into water between photo sessions, during the ceremony, and at the reception.